The project DIGIMI (DIGItal storytelling for Migrant Integration) is funded by the AMIF Programme of the European Commission, aiming to provide solutions regarding transnational actions on asylum, migration and integration. It has as key objective the involvement of the local community to facilitate social integration for migrants through volunteering activities to provide support to third-country nationals in areas such as knowledge of the new local environment, “ways, customs and habits” of the new society as well as understanding of the latter through digitally narrated stories.

Storytelling regarding present and past recollections, interests and hopes is associated with coping mechanisms, and recently arrived third-country nationals can exchange, compare and combine their stories with those of long-established migrants and local populations in the affected partner communities.


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The Project aims to integrate newly arrived third-country nationals through involvement of local communities and volunteering activities aiming at the:


The DIGIMI project will provide a platform for sharing expertise among the main participants of the consortium and the various stakeholders (civil society and local community agents and educators). The project will help enrich, diversify and institutionalize intercultural training, while simultaneously developing critical thinking, media and information literacy among learners and trainers alike. In practice, this will involve, on a first level, interviews with key stakeholders (newly arrived migrants and refugees, local agents) who will be active contributors to the project design; focus groups with training providers and staff.

This will then lead, to the development of the training sessions which will include a number of resources, such as online training courses, but also mentorship practices. The process will motivate all agents to fulfill their potential. The transnational network of DIGIMI that will be formed during the project will set communication channels for the development and share of good practices and promote the European cooperation. This will result in the dissemination of relevant EU tools and initiatives in the humanitarian sector.


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