COMPASS GmbH – Austria

COMPASS is a non-profit private company aiming to support disadvantaged groups who encounter economic, social, and cultural predicaments. A number of their programmes focus on fostering multicultural and inclusive societies aiming to promote the professional and social integration and inclusion of migrants and refugees. Their main goal is to support the educational and professional empowerment of disadvantaged groups as steppingstones for nurturing their sense of belonging, social network and independence. Thus, they strive to build strong collaborations with local stakeholders in implementing innovative tools and approaches to address the obstacles faced by disadvantaged groups, as well as with policy makers aiming to achieve long-term impact and permanent solutions for ongoing challenges. Our programmes cover indicatively the following areas:

  • Educational and vocational counselling,
  • Language training for people with migration and refugee background,
  • Literacy training,
  • Multilingual guidance for education and career counselling for refugees and migrants,
  • Media workstation for young migrants (workshops in radio, film, photography & creative writing).
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